Dana (owltears) wrote in girlsofgalaxies,

Howard Tuttleman

Hey all!
I was just browsing some star wars communities, and guess who's starting to infiltrate them with his annoying, obsessive opinions? That's right, that Tuttleman guy...


That community confuses me on all kinds of levels, but I swear, seeing him everyone preaching that the movies are lame and detract from the novels over and over again is really, really irritating. I feel compelled to flame him, but I don't feel like it.
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what an ass
I know, right. I was looking through a bunch of star wars communities, and there might have been two that I found that he wasn't on there with the same exact copy and pasted opinion of his. And then he gets upset because he doesn't know why people are getting upset with him. It's because he's forcing his opinion on everyone else. Well, I'm glad that people are putting him in his place, I just wish he'd go away already.
Admittedly I pasted a few of them in communties myself with as an "idiot alert" kind of thing. I can't believe he's still at it over what happened at the mad_scientist community. He's a troll, through and through. He's being a real ass.
Well that's okay. I can understand why you'd do that. But all of the posts that I've seen were from Howard himself, pushing himself on people on all sorts of Star Wars fan communities. Talk about being annoying. I think he's just as bad as pop up ads and internet spam.