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Clones and Order 66

In response to a post I saw earlier about there being a possibility of Aayla Secura surviving Order 66...

Not to get anyone's hopes up, and this is just maybe a *tiny* hint that she may have survived, but...
Since many of you had theories as to whether she lived or not, I just read in the Star Wars Insider Magazine on a very recent Borders run that someone was asking about whether the Clones could think independently or not, or if they were no better than droids.

The magazine's response was that there was a possibility that some of the clones might have disobeyed Order 66, and that would be a story to tell possibly in the future and that "we have a feeling that we may hear about it in the future." Not quite a direct quote, but they eluded to the possibility that some of the clones might NOT have obeyed Order 66, and that we might indeed hear the story later on. Whether this has anything to do with why Aayla's body was hidden behind a leaf while her clone troopers repeatedly shot her or not, or the reasons behind why there were no burn marks on her body, I don't know.

But I just thought I would share it with you all anyway, since it's pretty interesting information anyway.

[Edit] Should have done more of my homework before posting anything...I've found a couple sources online about the tv show, whether you've seen them or not, this one seems to be the most comprehensive:


And if I'm just beating a dead horse, I'm sorry!
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