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I'm not new to the game (i bought it the day it came out lol), but took a long hiatus and finally returned 2 months ago to a crazy new combat system and some new neatness. After taking my original character and seeing her change from a kickass rifleperson to a wimp, then respecing her to a very poor master droid engineer/carbineer, I decided to leave war to those with a little more steel in their guts and focus on the performing arts. Thus, E'rin Gromah, on Tarquinas. I originally created her as a scout way back when, but she's a fickle lass, and I've found myself having more fun as a dancer/musician/image designer than I ever did in combat. Anyway, I was also able to grind her into master of 2 of the 3 elites in a matter of a few short weeks, and now find my cosmetology skills in high demand all over the galaxy (well, at least when I advertise lol)

Anyway, since the character is technically 3 years old, she has a respec left. I'm so torn. I love being an entertainer - meeting other dancers and musicians and being social is a lot of fun, and being a master image designer means I can go from tall waify california surf girl to short squat goth girl in a matter of seconds - i never get sick of seeing my avatar on screen lol. And since macros automate the flourishes, clothing changes, effects, and "please tip me"'s, I can just sit and chat and be social (and yes, flirt lol). At the same time, though, I bet I could easily walk her through the quests it takes for force sensitivity and have a Jedi in no time. Hmmm decisions decisions... of course, I could make another entertainer. :) my dream of having a really gay wookiee hairdresser may become a reality...

Here's some screens

This is when I was grinding ID. I did it about 50/50 on myself and on others. It was probably the easiest I had to grind, especially after I got body. ID's take note - it's tempting to start with hair, but you can grind so much faster with body.

And here I am dancing, with props. I bought most of them, rather than making them myself. You can find them pretty cheap at the bazaars. I did the same with instruments for the most part, although I did make a few with some copper I bought.
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Hey I am AnarK'Ya from Bloodfin :)

I got a jedi and I also like to chat, and you can do both... When you do quests, when you grind.. and you can make her FS and see how you like it :)
Dancer and ID can be grinded fast now...
Have fun!